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Austin, TX Storm Damage Recovery

The Southeast and TX are well known for fickle weather. Hurricanes, funnel clouds and ice, storm damage appear in many various forms. If a storm harms your roof, siding or leaves large chunks of shrapnel around your yard, it can be hard to know how to begin restoration. Paul Davis Restoration Services strive to help you rebuild storm damage around your property if serious storms strike.

Storm Damage Remediation Quote

The Paul Davis contractors have experience in helping others through the confusing moments after storms strike in Austin. Our team is prepared to deliver fair and accurate estimates for damage caused by all types of storms. We provide a quote for the timeline and price of the damage removal and restoration. You can depend on us, whether you need repairs for your roof or new windows. Our team is licensed and bonded through TX, always qualified to repair your property. Furthermore, we collaborate with you throughout the insurance claims process, to help you receive the reimbursement you need.

What We Do

Restoration for Roofs

Tornadoes and hurricanes can harm roofs with their strong winds and torrential rain. The roofers with Paul Davis in Austin are readily available to replace shingles or your whole roof. We leave your roof looking good as new with our quick and effective work.

Wind Damage

Whether from a intense tornado or hurricane, wind is a serious force of nature. High winds result in a variety of problems, from tearing siding to scattering debris around your yard.

Maintenance for Electrical Systems

Everyone uses electricity to stay warm, make meals and be happy. That said, your wiring is vulnerable to strong winds, rain and flying debris. Our team of specialists is ready for complex or minor rewiring after the storm.

Structural Stabilization

Storms are forces to be reckoned with when it comes to property damage. If your home or business is destroyed by a hurricane or tornado, Our team provides reconstruction services to restore your property. Whatever the size of the damage, we will restore your property.

We also offer water and mold damage treatment services.

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