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Cedar Park Storm Damage Repair

The Southeast and TX are well known for fickle storms. Hurricanes, tornadoes and hail, storm damage show up in several unique forms. If terrible weather harms your roof, siding or scatters tons of shrapnel in your property, it may be difficult to know where to begin repairs. Paul Davis Restoration of Central Austin TX professionals strive to bring your home or business back to normal.

Affordable Storm Damage Repair Estimate

The Paul Davis professionals have experience in helping others through the strange moments after inclement weather in Cedar Park. Our staff is prepared to give you fair and accurate estimates for damage caused by all types of storms. These quotes include the timeline and price of the damage removal and repairs. No matter if you need repairs for your roof or remedying wind damage, you can count on us. Our professionals are licensed and bonded in TX, always qualified to help your property. To go the extra step, we help with your insurance claims process.

How We Help

Restoration for Roofs

In the case of high winds, torrential rainfall or dangerous debris, your roof can deal with severe damage through a storm. The roofers with Paul Davis in Cedar Park are readily available to repair shingles or entire roofs. We move fast and effectively to make your roof look like new.

Wind Damage

Intense winds from cells like funnel clouds can be a force to be reckoned with. After the storm, you might discover damage like torn siding, littered debris or removed shingles.

Repairing Electrical Systems

Everybody requires electricity to stay warm, cook food and be comfortable. Unfortunately, your wiring is vulnerable to strong winds, flooding and flying debris. Our staff of electricians is available for complex or simple electrical maintenance after the storm.

Structural Stabilization

Tornadoes and hurricanes are a real threat for homes and businesses in Cedar Park. Paul Davis Restoration of Central Austin TX provides structural stabilization and additional services in the instance that your home or business is leveled by a storm. No matter the storm knocked out a wall or your whole building, we will return your home to its original state.

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