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Fire Damage Reversal in Spicewood, TX

No matter how big or small, a fire within your property can leave behind a trail of damage. Materials inside may warp from the heat of a fire while chemicals that hang in the air cause respiratory problems. Depending on the strength of the fire, you might need pricey maintenance coming your way. Paul Davis Restoration, a high-quality restoration group, can be the solution to the days after fire or smoke damage.

Our Services

Damage from Fire – No matter what the price is, fires can damage almost anything inside your home. When you contact your local Paul Davis team, we analyze the extent of your fire damage throughout your space, mend your home, and sanitize your damaged possessions. This isn’t all. Our services also include water and mold damage removal. No matter what the scale of your damage is, you can depend on Paul Davis Restoration of Central Austin TX to work fast to eliminate the damage.

Air Damage – Fire alone can leave behind lots of damage, but it isn’t the only threat. Smoke can linger in compact spaces for months and can stain the air permanently inside your home. If there’s smoke and debris in the air, it can be hard to take in air around the affected sections. This is why it’s crucial to remove any smoke damaged areas as quickly as possible. Our team is able to locate any affected area, remove the scent, and clean the air. If you’re still battling smoke damage in your home, call Paul Davis today.

Why Paul Davis Restoration of Central Austin TX?

Your Spicewood Paul Davis franchise has the skills to help you recover after a house fire. Our staff of experts thoroughly evaluate your situation then work accordingly based on our knowledge and experience. For more details about Paul Davis Restoration, please call us today.